Welcome to my Social Marketing Blog!

This blog is a requirement of a module I am studying as part of a Health and Social Marketing MA at Middlesex University, that I started in September 2010. This blog will detail my learnings and journey in social marketing and items of interest linking to my research project, which aims to engage parents with a sustainable transport campaign.

This journey will ultimately lead to the creation of an engagement plan, with elements of social marketing, for an existing organisation. There is a suggested 50 hour work placement to gain an understanding of the organisation’s inner workings. I am the only student on my course, who is lucky enough to be already working on a social marketing campaign. So, I can use what I find straight away, for the benefit of my workplace.

The theoretical side of social marketing is new to me, even though I have used social marketing in one form or another for four years. As a school travel advisor, I used social marketing techniques without knowing it. Poster campaigns, leaflets, events and incentive schemes, coupled with key messaging, were used to promote walking, cycling and bus use to schoolchildren, their families and school staff, as an alternative to using the car


I hope you find information here which may be useful.